Our Story

We are a start up company focused on revolutionising the way that technology is used to create food. Ben Scott-Robinson, an experienced entrepreneur working at the cutting edge of user centred design and Sam Watson Jones, a fourth generation farmer, were inspired by the work of Simon Blackmore in the National Centre for Precision Farming at Harper Adams and his vision for replacing much of the work done by tractors in fields with a series of highly accurate, smart, lightweight robots.

Sam's first step was to interview a large number of farmers around the country, firstly on the pain points around their current, tractor centred systems and secondly on what specific outcomes they would look for from a new model of farming. His discovery was that farmers felt poorly served by existing machinery manufacturers and new technology delivered as either hardware or software products.

However, Sam's interviews showed that there was a clear appetite for working with early stage technology if it could be accessed in a way that limited their exposure to the risk of functional failure and obsolescence.

Ben used this feedback to begin developing a concept of Farming as a Service (FaaS) and Tom Dick and Harry, and Small Robot Company was born.

Read more on Ben and Sam’s vision for the company here.

Since then we have built an experienced technical team focused on efficiently building an AI driven robotic service. We have a world beating team of engineers, including Head of Robot Awesomeness Joe Allnutt and Dr Thomas Burrell. We can deliver at pace using an agile integrated programme delivery, lead by Taskmaster Catherine Pratt. We have become one of the most recognised brands in AgriTech thanks to the amazing comms of Guru Sarra Mander. We are made to run smoothly by Charlotte the Omniscient…and let’s not forget the team of grafters, including Muddy Robin, Wunderkind Chris and Nemo the ex-Apprentice.

We are lucky enough to have Prof. Blackmore and Google’s Tom Hume as our mentors. 

sarra mander.jpg


B2B Tech PR

Ex C-Level Agency

Startup go to market expert

Strategic comms specialist

The Guru

sam watson jones2.jpg


Fourth generation farmer

Ex management consultant


Technology specialist

Muddy booted labrador stroker

Joe Allnutt 2.jpg


Lead roboticist

Ex Head of OS Tech labs

Robotic control system expert

ROS and Python specialist

Head of Robot Awesomeness

Catherine Pratt.jpg


Programme management

Ex-IBM, SSE and OS

Agile for Robotics evangelist

Delivery specialist




Service designer

Ex-Agency UX Director

Human/Robot Interaction fanaticist

Experience specialist

Felt-tip fairydust sprinkler