The world of AI and robotics is pretty confusing. Lots of huge concepts stepping straight out of science fiction and into your life. We have been working with these concepts and technologies for a little while now, and thought you'd like to see our thoughts. Some serious. Some not so serious.

How to turn online sales into conversational commerce

SRC's Ben Scott-Robinson was invited by Google's Squared Online digital innovation course to talk about Conversational Commerce, and how to use bots and AI to drive a more seamless commerce experience.

They have kindly released the class on YouTube, so do give it a look if you are thinking about conversational commerce, and have a spare 40 minutes. 

Using Bots and AI to Improve Your Business - Part 1

You are a business. You want to sell more stuff. You want your customers to be happier. Here’s how bots and AI can help.

At Small Robot Company we like to avoid hype and nonsense, and if there is one place right now where hype is king, it’s in the world of bots.

We have spent most of the last year getting to a position where we feel comfortable with the marketplace and thought we should pass on our learnings to you.

AI in 2017 — 13 snapshots of our future

If nothing else, the start of 2017 has given us a plethora of predictions. As well as a smorgasbord of doomsday options, the techier end of the internet has been overwhelmed with worthy predictions around AI, and what it will do for- and to- you.

But AI isn’t just about the tech. As any fan of dystopias will tell you, when you start creating intelligences, however specialised, the implications run far beyond the original visions of their creators.