what is farming as a service?


We offer our robots through a Farming as a Service (FaaS) model, which is both a hardware and a software service for farmers. Farmers pay a per hectare subscription fee for a robotic hardware service which digitises the farm, and delivers crop care at per-plant precision.


Our robots take care of all the seeding, feeding and weeding. When a robot is needed, it turns up and does its job. When it is finished, it is taken away.


By focusing our business around a service rather than a product and by structuring our pricing on a per hectare basis, we have a business model which is low risk for farmers to adopt.


You do not have to own any of the hardware, or worry about hardware becoming redundant or out of date. You will not have machinery sitting round for 11 months of the year. You will not have huge capital outlays when things go wrong. You have no risk.


Instead, you can control and regulate your expenses in a way that is more closely tied to the size of the farm.


Farming as a Service will always use the latest technology to improve the way that food is produced. As the technology improves, new ways of carrying out farm operations, beyond what we currently envisage, will become possible. By signing up to Farming as a Service, you are automatically part of that exponential growth curve and stand to benefit from these developments.