Small. Is. Good.

We’re an agri-tech start up commercialising a deceptively simple idea: small robots not big tractors.

Because unfortunately big tractors are neither efficient nor environmentally friendly. Currently, 90% of energy is used ploughing and cultivation. And ploughing is only necessary because of heavy machinery crushing soil.

We are building robots that will seed and care for each individual plant in your crop. They will only feed and spray the plants that need it, giving them the perfect levels nutrients and support, with no waste.

This level of detail allows you to be kinder to soil, kinder to the environment, more efficient, more precise and more productive. It’s the best of all worlds. An increased yield, as well as minimal chemical usage. So you can increase revenues by up to 40% while reducing costs by up to 60%.

Our robots are being designed and built by farmers, for farmers. Because we have spent the last year talking to you, we know you don’t want to buy robots. You are worried about the cost, and what happens if they break down. Instead you can lease our robots through a Farming as a Service (FaaS) model.

So you can take back control of your cashflow, and your time.

We. Love. Small.


better yields from less

Yield and profit are a huge concern for all the farmers we’ve spoken to.

Small robots are accurate, agile and affordable. Small robots can make your farm more efficient, more productive and more precise.

And so your farm is more profitable. That’s the business case.

With small robots, you need 90% less energy to establish crop.

Gathering constant, robust per-plant data creates a ‘profit map’ that shows which areas of field to use, and which to leave fallow.

Lightness reduces compaction, and increases the working window available to farmers.

And let’s not forget, an autonomous robot can work for 24hrs a day.



Small robots are kinder to soil and kinder to the environment.

They use 95% less chemicals, 90% less energy. They protect biodiversity and enable permaculture techniques at scale. That’s what your conscience wants. 

Because you don’t want to saturate your land with chemicals, or pump out CO2 and diesel fumes. You don’t like crushing worms or cutting hedgerows.

As a farmer, you are the custodian of the land. In your hands is the future of the soil, and the future of food. For you, for us, and all our children.

Small Robots. Friends to worms.

And hedgerows. And bees.

And insects.

And the British Landscape.




Don’t worry, robots won’t steal your jobs. Instead, they will change them.

We are committed to helping solve the challenges that increased use of robotics brings to the rural economy.

With robots taking on much of the manual labour, Farmers will only spend 20% of the time on the things that generate 80% of revenue. With more free time, you can focus on making more money.   

With anything from agri-tourism is worth more than food production in the UK. And there’s a strong desire for crafted food products. So farmers can get better value from their crops, by turning them into products. It’s about bread, not wheat.

Farms tend not to provide a broad range of job types for rural economy. We are actively supporting the diversification of rural jobs in a programme we call Project Gingham.


I have some questions...

Who are the Small Robot Company?

We are a group of farmers, engineers, scientists and service designers with a deep knowledge farming, robotics, AI and service design. Our technology builds on 15 years’ research by Professor Simon Blackmore, the world’s leading expert in precision farming.

What does the Small Robot Company do?

We are dedicated to building technology that will make farming profitable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. We are building a farming service designed by farmers for farmers that uses robotics and AI to deliver this dream.

Why is this good for me?

If you are a farmer of arable crops, it will save you considerable time and money. We have worked with the farm consultancy Andersons to understand the costs and benefits of switching to robotic farming service. Please get in contact to get an initial assessment of what the benefits could be for you.

Why Robots?

Robots are smaller, lighter and more precise than the current farming systems using tractors. Using small robots instead of tractors will deliver greater yield from less inputs. Come and meet Tom, Dick and Harry!

Why Artificial Intelligence?

To look after your crop, we will collect millions of pieces of information about your plants every day. Then we feed this information into a Neural Network, a type of Artificial Intelligence. This Neural Network, once fully trained, will then be able to advise on when to plant, when to feed and when to weed.

Why a Service?

We know farming is expensive, and farmers can’t afford to take risks. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands on new technology, you can pay per hectare for planting, monitoring, feeding and weeding of your crop. You get all the advantages, and we take all the risk. Find out more about what FaaS is!


How far have you got?

We have been going for a year, but already have built three robot prototypes, secured 20 initial customers including the National Trust, started our field trials, and are collecting data for training the Neural Network. We can now tell wheat from weeds, and locate a plant to 2cm. Before starting work, we spent a year researching with farmers on what you need.  In that time we have also built up a group of partners who are our first customers, and investors.

When will it be ready?

The monitoring robot is in trial now, and we are collecting data to train the neural networks. The weeding robot will be ready for initial trials in October ‘19. The full service will come on line over the next three years.

Why should I care?

You care because you care about where your food comes from. You care because you are worried about the environmental impact of farming. Because not only do you want to make a profit. You want to hand the farm on to the next generation in better shape. You care because you believe clever technology is part of the answer to the problems with sustainable food supply for our growing world population. You care because you think Britain should play a part in creating the future. You care because you believe in the power of a few dedicated individuals to change the way the world works. You care because you want the future to be designed to help humanity, not a few large companies.


How can I get involved?

  1. If you are a farmer, you can join our second round of partners - The 100 Club - and let us scan your wheat crop with our monitoring robot in your fields. We are looking for access to wheat crops to record how they grow, and the soil they are in.

  2. If you are interested in supporting our work to get it ready for commercial launch, we are shortly launching a Crowdcube campaign. We are offering you a chance to be part of the Small Robot Revolution - leave your email address and we will keep you up to date!

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