Small. Is. Good.

We’re an agri-tech start up commercialising a deceptively simple idea: robots not tractors.

This is kinder to soil, kinder to the environment, more efficient, more precise and more productive.

We offer our robots through a Farming as a Service (FaaS) model, which is both a hardware and a software service for farmers. We combine small robots with Artificial Intelligence to digitise the field so that farming can be done on a per-plant basis. This means permaculture techniques can be applied at scale.

It’s the best of both worlds. An increased yield, as well as minimal chemical usage, through being more precise.

We. Love. Small.

better yields from less

Yield and profit are a huge concern for all the farmers we’ve spoken to.

Small robots are accurate, agile and affordable. Small robots can make your farm more efficient, more productive and more precise.

And so your farm is more profitable. That’s the business case.

With small robots, you need 95% less energy to establish crop.

Gathering constant, robust per-plant data creates a ‘profit map’ that shows which areas of field to use, and which to leave fallow.

Lightness reduces compaction, and increases the working window available to farmers.

And let’s not forget, an autonomous robot can work for 24hrs a day.


Small robots are kinder to soil and kinder to the environment.

They use 90% less chemicals, 95% less energy. They protect biodiversity and enable permaculture techniques at scale. That’s what your conscience wants. 

Because you don’t want to saturate your land with chemicals, or pump out CO2 and diesel fumes. You don’t like crushing worms or cutting hedgerows.

As a farmer, you are the custodian of the land. In your hands is the future of the soil, and the future of food. For you, for us, and all our children.

Small Robots. Friends to worms.

And hedgerows. And bees.

And fish.




Robots won't steal your jobs, but they will change them.

We are committed to helping solve the challenges that increased use of robotics brings to the rural economy.

Farmers spend 20% of the time on the things that generate 80% of revenue. With more free time, you can focus on making more money.   

Agri-tourism is worth more than food production in the UK. And there’s a strong desire for crafted food products. So farmers can get better value from their crops, by turning them into products. It’s about bread, not wheat.

Farms tend not to provide a broad range of job types for rural economy. We are actively supporting the diversification of rural jobs in a programme we call Project Gingham.


Let’s think small.

15 years ago, Professor Simon Blackmore at Harper Adams University had an idea.

What if we didn’t use tractors? What if we used lots of small robots instead?

Farms are getting less profitable. Yields of combinable crops in the UK have remained static for 20 years plus, but costs keep going up. In particular for big machinery. But do tractors and farms really need to keep getting BIGGER?

We want to replace all the massive tractors, drills, cultivators and sprayers that crush the soil and pollute the countryside with small, accurate, green robots that work with the crops and the environment.

Because we want to make farming should be easier, more effective, more efficient, more precise… and nicer. Because we believe that farmers want to be stewards of the environment, rather than polluters.

And because we think it’s high time agriculture got to benefit from tech. World populations are growing and food production is not increasing quickly enough to match the need.  Farming is arguably the last ‘analogue’ mass-production industry. There needs to be a radical change in approach if we are to effect higher yields.

We believe small robots, not tractors, are the future of farming.

Small is the way forward.